Dems give Obama ultimatum: Fix health plan cancellations by Friday

The heat is about to get going. Ted Cruz will look like a prophet here soon.
Check it out:

House Democrats delivered a fix-it-or-else ultimatum Wednesday to President Obama, giving his administration until Friday to find an affordable solution for the millions of Americans losing their health plans under ObamaCare — as House Republicans prepare to vote on a solution of their own.

The ultimatum from President Obama’s own party is another sign of the unrest within the Democratic caucus about the cancellation notices. The end-of-the-week deadline is significant, because House Republicans are planning to call a vote Friday on a bill that would extend current policies for another year.

It’s unclear whether Democrats would go so far as to support that bill if the administration does not offer a plan B. But one senior Democratic source told Fox News that, at a closed meeting Wednesday, Democrats made clear to the administration that they need a proposed fix before Friday’s vote.



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