The Democrats are Terrified

Democrats should be afraid of what they have become.
Check it out:

The news in the Health Care Stack today? It is devastating. This website isn’t going to be ready by November 30th. In fact, almost, what is it, 30, 40% of it hasn’t even been built yet. And we’ve got security experts talking about that this is the biggest collection of personal private data any of them have ever seen. Security experts are warning everybody to stay away from All it is, is a vacuum cleaner for every piece of data you enter about yourself. It is just devastating out there.

“Top Obamacare IT Official Says 30-40% of the Federal Exchange System Hasn’t Been Built Yet — In a congressional hearing today, Henry Chao, the Deputy Chief Information Officers for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, told Rep Cory Gardner (R-Co.) that 30-40% of Obamacare’s Marketplace — the federal insurance exchange system that covers 36 states — has not been built yet,” and they’re out telling everybody that it’s gonna ready by November 30th.

Jay Carney, the spokeskid’s out saying, “Well, 80%? That’s a good goal. We’re shooting for if 80% of people that want to sign up get to sign up.” Fine. By the way, the new number is 106,000 people who signed up. That’s what the feds say. The Regime says 106,000 people have enrolled. You know what the real number is of people who have closed the deal, actually clicked “purchase” in their shopping cart in that website? It’s 27,000, total. It’s 27,000 people, and you know who they are?



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