When liberals don’t even like what Obama has done you know it must really be bad.
Check it out:

Republican and Democratic leaders alike expressed outrage Sunday over President Obama’s decision to sign onto a nuclear-arms deal that eases sanctions on the terror-loving leaders of Iran.
The double-barreled attack came as hundreds of cheering Iranians gave their country’s negotiators a heroes’ welcome as they returned from talks in Geneva.
“No to war, sanctions, surrender and insult,” they chanted.

The shock deal with the Islamic regime dominated morning TV talk shows, where officials from both sides of the aisle blasted the Obama administration and called for more sanctions to keep Iran from building a nuclear bomb.

Bronx Rep. Eliot Engel, the top Democrat on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, fumed that the “P5+1” group of world powers, including the United States, let Iran off the hook by agreeing to ease sanctions in exchange for a six-month pause in its nuke program.

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