Democrats Renew Push For Tax Hikes

What do liberals not get about the fact that even if taxes were 100% we would still have a deficit? Our county has a spending problem. Not to mention that government never spends money wisely so why should we want to give them more?
Check it out:

Lobbyists are crying “here we go again” as Democrats on the new budget conference committee renew their push for tax increases.

A Democratic wish list obtained by The Hill contains 12 examples of the types of “tax loopholes” that they would like to see closed in a year-end budget deal. Most have been proposed many times before.

Combined, the items on the list would raise $264 billion in revenue over 10 years, more than enough to switch off two years’ worth of the automatic budget cuts known as sequestration.

Democrats say they won’t consider cutting entitlements in a deal unless Republicans end “egregious” tax loopholes for the rich and large corporations.

Owners of corporate jets, vacation homes and yachts would take a hit if Democrats got their way. Hedge fund managers and heirs would pay a higher tax rate, while businesses with overseas operations would see deductions eliminated.



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