The Debate Over Obama’s Legal Authority

Why is it even a debate? Obama has shown over and over again that he has zero respect for the law.
Check it out:

I marvel, everybody’s getting caught up now in the horse race, the political back-and-forth of this. Did Obama have the power to do what he did. F. Chuck Todd at NBC (paraphrasing), “Come on, everybody, pipe down. Obama doesn’t have the power to do what he did.” Well, what did he do? You know what the Regime is saying? By the way, let me go back to Upton for a moment. This is the Republican bill being voted on today, and I guess it’s gonna pass. (interruption) Oh, maybe not now? Really? The Democrats are pulling out of this thing? A-ha. A-ha. Well, now, that is fascinating ’cause the Democrats, earlier in the week there were reportedly plenty of Democrats willing to sign on to the Upton bill, which basically just says what Obama said yesterday, but it doesn’t.

See, that’s the thing. The Regime was asked yesterday in the press conference — I didn’t learn any of this until I got home last night. I wasn’t able to actually look at and read — that press conference was so loaded yesterday, it’s a shame. I wish I would have been able to figure it out during the program, ’cause it was loaded with stuff yesterday. It was absolutely loaded and one of the things Obama was asked, “Well, what legal authority do you have to change the law?” And they cited some obscure court case from the mid-eighties and the FDA, which said that the courts have held — I’m paraphrasing here — the courts have held that federal agencies can arbitrarily choose to enforce or not enforce certain things whenever they want to, all the way back to the eighties, and they simply cited that. Now, that’s really a brief, brief overview.

So what the Regime is saying is, “We didn’t change the law. We didn’t change anything. We’re just not gonna enforce one aspect of it for a year. So don’t start talking to me about throwing away the Constitution. We’re not changing any law. We’re just not gonna enforce for one more year the fact that you gotta get rid of your plan.” Now, if we want we can go back and recover, talk about again the idea you were never going to be able to keep your plan. I mean, the scope of that lie remains huge, fraudulent. If the political winds were different, it would be impeachable.



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