Deadline day for ObamaCare website

Even if the website works, the law is still broken.
Check it out:

A critical deadline for President Obama’s healthcare rollout re-do got off to a shaky start Saturday as key parts of the beleaguered federal health insurance site went down for longer than usual for maintenance and repairs.

Just hours before the self-imposed Nov. 30 deadline, the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services announced the website would be down for an extended period overnight Friday until 8am ET Saturday. During that time, the online application and enrollment system will not be available.

If the federal website doesn’t deliver, the president’s credibility, political support and fate of his landmark health care law could be in jeopardy. If the site is able to recover from its disastrous Oct. 1 rollout, it will go a long way is restoring confidence in the program.

The financial success of the Affordable Care Act rests in getting young, healthy people to sign up for the program. If they lose interest or bolt, the program will not be profitable.



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