Cruz Educates Leno on the Real Reagan

Cruz is doing great things for the conservative movement.
Check it out:

This whole notion that Reagan compromised his conservatism all the time and was a big buffoon, Tip O’Neill led way and at the end of the day Reagan went out and had a beer with him? It’s a crock. So it is a crock that Reagan wouldn’t be suitable for the Tea Party today. If Reagan could come back to life he’d be the nominee tomorrow! Ronald Reagan was the Tea Party in the 1970s. That’s exactly what Cruz is saying.

Reagan led a revolt against the Republican Party establishment! He led a revolt against Republican donors of the day. He was despised in his day by the Republican establishment. They did not like him. When he won two landslides, of course, success has many fathers and failure is an orphan. So there were a lot of suck-ups and a lot of groupies that glommed on to Reagan, ’cause everybody likes a winner and wants to be close to that light.

But they didn’t like him. Behind closed doors, they’re calling him a dunce and an idiot and a wacko right-wing conservative, and they’re planning on what life will be like when he’s gone — you know, out of office and so forth. Cruz is exactly right. Reagan was the Tea Party of his day! Leno couldn’t possibly know that. I… (big sigh) I find myself here having to climb down again. You know, I’m getting too wound up, ’cause we’re surrounded by stupidity.

We’re surrounded by two things: Stupidity and ignorance combined with arrogance. Now, I’m convinced that the explanation for a lot of where we are is just stupidity. There’s just a lot of stupid, and not just voters, but I’m talking about journalists. You know, we assume that they’re curious and know things because it’s their job and they’re close to the facts. They’re stupid! They’re not curious. They are ignorant of things. And they’re ideologues so they’re ignorant.



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