Couple adopts boy, raises him for 9 years, then gives him back to child services

This is so horrible. I hope these parents are sent to jail for a long time.
Check it out:

While many parents wait years to adopt a child, one couple did the unthinkable and gave their adopted son back to an Ohio county’s child services.

According to the Journal-News, an arrest warrant was issued Wednesday for Cleveland and Lisa Cox, who returned their adopted son to Butler County Children Services in Hamilton, Ohio. The couple had raised the 9-year-old since he was 3 months old and were indicted on one count of nonsupport of dependents.

“My position is children in general, not speaking to this specific case, they do not have a ‘return to sender’ label on their forehead,” prosecutor Mike Gmoser told the Journal-News. “They are their children for always and they have that duty to support and they cannot abandon without consequences.”

Police believe the couple abandoned their son around Oct. 24. They face a first degree misdemeanor charge and, if convicted, six months in jail and a $1,000 fine.



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