Bullied Republicans Must Insist on Repeal, Resist Pitfall of Becoming Part of Phony Fix

Repeal is the only way to stop this mess. Obama will probably throw more money at it.
Check it out:

You have very few Republicans with the actual courage to stand up and oppose this totalitarianism. And look what happens to ’em. Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, thankfully they’re undaunted by it, but the Republicans, because of this post-traumatic stress disorder, which is just the way I’m characterizing it. I’m trying to be illustrative here. But they clearly are in a state of shock. There’s only one other alternative. The other alternative is they want the law to survive. That, of course, may be a reality. Some Republicans may be entrenched enough in the Washington establishment that they want the law to survive, that they want government to have this kind of role in people’s lives and in society. Who knows. But I think for many of them they’re just scared.

I think there’s an abject fear of standing up, particularly to Obama, but Democrats in general. I know there’s fear of the media. Republicans have been full-fledged intimidated. So the pitfall for them, I think, is that they want to be seen participating in the fix for Obamacare because they think that there is political gain to be made there. They are under the impression — and the way I visualize this, or better to say illustrate this, the Democrats propose something, whatever it is. And the Republicans never say no. The Republicans are obsessed, “Well, we gotta have an alternative.” They’re always on defense. They’re always reacting.

There is not proactive Republican policy anymore. They’re always reacting, and I think it comes from the assumption, I really do believe that they believe they are a genuine minority, that most people in the country, not just the media and the Democrats, don’t like them, think they’re unhip, uncool, oddball extremist weirdos, and they don’t like that, of course. But as the minority, they feel naturally defensive about things. So Obama proposes this massive health care plan, the media makes it look like everybody in America wants it, but the polling data has been clear on this. The American people, by majority after majority after majority, have never wanted it, have never liked Obamacare. There’s not been a single poll since the early days of this that show a majority of people wanting it.

The 2010 midterms were all about Obamacare. And massive numbers of America showing up to polls to vote against it and the debt that Obama was piling up, called the Tea Party. So there is this at the same that the Republicans have in this posture that they occupy that the Democrats propose something — in this case, Obama — who they think is universally loved. And they think he’s universally respected because of his race and they feel it’s not worth opposing him because of his race. So here’s this plan, it’s an absolute mess, it’s a total failure, and the worst thing the Republicans could do right now is be working in a way that would help fix this. The Republican Party should not be seen as part owners of this.



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