The Biggest Presidential Lie in My Lifetime

To think that Obama is putting Clinton to shame in lying.
Check it out:

It’s pathological. With Clinton it was (Clinton impression), “I never had sex with that woman, not a single time, never, and I never asked anybody to lie.” And that then became a controversy over the definition of “is.” Remember that? Depends on what “is” is. This is pathological. Obama is now saying he didn’t say what he said. Obama is now trying, by the way, if I can do this, he’s trying to implement the Limbaugh Theorem.

This is the latest example of the very thing the Limbaugh Theorem described: The president pretending to fight against the snake oil that he created. The president pretending to be opposed to the very thing he created, meaning, “Oh, my God, I just now figured that people are losing their insurance and their doctors, and that was never the intention. We said that you wouldn’t lose it if your plan didn’t change.”

Folks, it’s really bad. I mean, the media is saying, “I’ve been covering the guy five years, he never said that.” We got Ron Fournier of the National Journal: “Lying About Lies: Why Credibility Matters to Obama.” This story is devastating, even though he tries to help Obama in this thing, he’s trying to help him recover. People are flabbergasted out there over this. “The president is trying to reinvent the history of his you-can-keep-it promise on health care.” This is just incredible.



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