It’s a Big Week for Obamacare, So the Media Will Distract with the JFK Assassination

JFK is the most fascinating conspiracy theory. There is so much smoke there and the lies are constant. Typical big government.
Check it out:

It’s a big week for Obamacare, and that means the media’s gonna spend as much time this week on the anniversary of the assassination of JFK as they can. The assassination of JFK will happen on the 22nd, which is Friday, and they’re gonna take occasion of this anniversary to just totally blanket coverage on the JFK 50th anniversary, which is a big deal, but it will also provide the Drive-Bys and everybody else an opportunity to ignore Obamacare.

Major cancellations are yet to happen with Obamacare. Obama and his minions are still trying to downplay what they’re calling, “Ah, it’s just 5%. We’re just talking about the individual marketplace that’s been canceled.” Now you got insurance examiners and companies being brought to the White House. I’m sure Obama’s promised ’em a bailout. You know he has. You know he’s bringing these insurance guys in, and he’s promising them a bailout. That’s how these guys work. They’re gonna lose money left and right by reinstituting policies that they had canceled, policies which remain illegal, by the way, just the Regime isn’t gonna enforce them for one more year. But they’re illegal.

The plan that you liked, the doctor that you had that you liked and all that, if your insurance company is able to give you that plan back, they’re gonna loose money. I don’t know that it’s happened. I mean, I’m not sitting here saying conclusively, but Obama’s bringing these insurance execs up to the White House, and what do you think he’s promising ’em? You know he’s gonna bail ’em out. I mean, everything’s riding on this, cover their losses or what have you. The question remains, are they going to be able to actually reinstate your old policy? I mean, they have bureaucratic snafus that they have to navigate as well.



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