Interesting. Guess this depends on what you want the GOP to be. We’re not quite the majority in the party yet. But we’re getting close.
Check it out:

On Monday evening, former CBS News insider Bernie Goldberg appeared on The O’Reilly Factor to blame the tea party for a potential 2016 presidential loss. “As far as the tea partiers are concerned, anybody to the left of Ted Cruz is a RINO,” Goldberg lamented. “But you know what? The real RINOs are the real people in the tea party and on the hard right, because they have made it clear over and over again that their allegiance is not to the Republican party but to their particular brand of conservatism, so they’re the RINOs.”

Goldberg said that if Senator Cruz somehow won the Republican nomination in 2016, it would doom Republicans to defeat, because “every registered Democrat will vote, and that’s a recipe for a Democratic victory.”

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