Atheists: The Anti-Founding Fathers

The amount of faith it takes to be an atheist is incredible. Their nonbelief in what is obviously a designed universe is incredible. We need to learn from their passion and pray that God will change their hearts.
Check it out:

Atheists are obsessed with God — more so than many people of faith.

Atheists are also obsessed with the First Amendment, especially the Establishment Clause.

To many atheists organizations — American Atheists, Freedom from Religion Foundation, and The Military Religious Freedom Foundation — national mottos and statements like “One Nation Under God,” “In God We Trust,” and “So Help Me God” amount to an establishment of religion merely because such words endorse the reality of God.

But endorsement is NOT establishment.

To endorse something is to give public approval of that thing. To establish something is to make that thing an institution. In the context of the First Amendment that thing is a national religion. But God can’t be institutionalized. Creeds and doctrines can.

However, the establishment of a religion — the formal organizing, funding, managing, and proscribing statements of faith — is strictly forbidden by the Constitution. And rightfully so.



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