Another Lie: The Story of Jessica Sanford

It might be easier to list the Obama truths.
Check it out:

Jessica Sanford, cited by the president as an Obamacare success story at a health care event that he held at the White House and the Rose Garden on October 21st. This was a CNN report. The upshot of this is that CNN does this story on this Obamacare success story, that Obama cited, and the woman cannot afford it as it turns out. Sit tight.

“The 48-year-old single mom from Washington state purchased what she considered to be affordable health care, life-changing event, she said, on the Washington state health exchange. She decided she was so excited about this news, she wanted to write an e-mail to the president to say that this had really changed her life and that she was thankful for the Afforable Care Act. The president included her e-mail in his remarks to people on hand for the event. Here’s a bit of what the president had to say.”

The CNN report quotes Obama saying, “I recently received a letter from a woman named Jessica Sanford in Washington state, and here’s what she wrote. ‘I am a single mom, no child support, self-employed, and I haven’t had health insurance for 15 years because it is too expensive. … I was crying the other day when I signed up. So much stress lifted.'”



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