America’s Food Stamp Outrage is Not That We’re Giving Away $36 Less a Month

If we did away with all government handouts think of how much work would get done!
Check it out:

USA Today: “Food stamp benefits will be cut…” Is that right? “Food stamp benefits will be cut to more than 47 million Americans starting Friday as a temporary boost to the federal program comes to an end without a new budget from a deadlocked Congress to replace it.” So guess who’s gonna get blamed for this? There are food stamp cuts coming, and it’s gonna be the fault of the Republicans, right?

Because they did the shutdown, and they’re responsible for not having a budget. At some point, this is going to reverse, and they’re gonna overplay this. The Republicans, after a while, cannot possibly be responsible for all of this in people’s minds — and now, folks, it is out there. This overwhelming lie — and there’s no other word to describe it. It’s not a “prevarication.” It’s not a “misstatement.” It wasn’t an “error.” It wasn’t a “mistake.”

It was an out-and-out lie told to the American people. It was a lie. It was a false promise. They get to keep their insurance if they like it; they get to keep their doctor if they like him or her. It was an abject lie, and people are learning this now. You know, the Limbaugh Theorem, folks, is coming into play here. Obama’s approval numbers are plummeting. His likability numbers are plummeting. Why? ‘Cause he’s now seen as governing. He’s not seen as an outsider on Obamacare as he is on everything else.



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