2nd Amendment Not Just For Guns

Our founding fathers were wise to use the word arms instead of something specific.
Check it out:

Since the U.S. Supreme Court confirmed in two recent cases that the right to carry firearms under the Second Amendment applies to individuals, a multitude of local gun-control ordinances have been overturned, modified or dropped.

Now, a new argument prepared by three legal experts goes further, arguing that the Second Amendment’s protection of “arms” includes knives as well.

The recent landmark Heller and McDonald case precedents could now be used against many local restrictions on carrying knives, the authors say.

The document, posted online on the Social Science Research Network, was prepared by David B. Kopel of the Independence Institute and the Sturm College of Law at Denver University; Clayton E. Cramer of the College of Western Idaho; and Joseph Olson of the School of Law at Hamline University.



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