15-Year Old Arrested For ‘Knockout’ Attack, Second Suspect Sought

Better watch out, liberals will try and figure out how to defend these thugs.
Check it out:

Philadelphia police say they have arrested a 15-year old for a “Knockout” attack and are currently looking for a second suspect.
According to CBS Philly, the 15-year old was arrested “in connection with a ‘Knockout’ attack in Northeast Philadelphia earlier this month.” The victim was Mark Cumberland.
Cumberland said he walked out of a pizza place and was asked for a cigarette. While he was digging in his pockets for a cigarette, four teens began hitting him. He is still having trouble seeing, as well as “breathing and swallowing,” as a result of the attack.
The 15-year old “was charged with Aggravated Assault, Criminal Conspiracy, and related charges” in the attack on Cumberland.



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