How Will the Millennials Fund Obamacare If They Don’t Have Jobs?

This is assuming that government actually cares about it being paid for.
Check it out:

Carol in Pittsburgh with a brilliant question. On the surface it doesn’t seem like it’s brilliant, but in the context of the answer and what the question means, it’s pretty smart. Okay, Obamacare does depend on young, healthy people signing up at these inflated costs and then, because they’re healthy, not using it — i.e., no costs — and their premiums, what they’re paying, funds Obamacare for the poor and the elderly. And that is the design. Young, healthy people — i.e., the Millennials — their premiums are going up, they’re learning it, those who get through. But they’re not gonna put much cost pressure on it because they’re healthy and they, outside of an accident, are not going to require a lot of care, so they’re cheap in terms of expenses. So that money will be used to fund care and insurance for the poor and the elderly. original

Her question was, “Well, how in the world is this gonna work? They don’t have any jobs. There are no jobs for them, so where are they going to get the money?”

Now, what I think is brilliant about the question is it fits in with everything we’re talking about today. Assumptions that are totally devoid of reality. The reality is Millennials can’t find work, ergo, they’ve got no income, yet they are the primary funders, and yet the wizards of smart behind all this don’t seem to put that together. They just think that they open the website, announce it’s available, and these eager Millennials run in and sign up. But they, even the wizards of smart are failing to realize that because of the economy they have all given us, there aren’t any jobs for these people. They’re not even putting two and two together.

It can’t work in this economy, because the people, it turns out, who are responsible for funding it, don’t have the money. Even if the website was working, they would log on, they’d get their sticker shock, and I think, in fact, those who are logging on and getting through are seeing the sticker shock, and I think they’re going to Medicaid. I think when the Millennials go to Medicaid, instead of buying Obamacare, it’s just gonna make everybody else’s costs go up because the Millennials are not going to be contributing, so to speak.

So the whole thing is gonna get even more expensive for everybody, because the key group that’s supposed to pay for this doesn’t have any jobs. But nobody talks about that. It’s just like when Washington raises taxes. They just assume everybody’s got the money to pay and they’re gonna be fine after the tax increase and they’ll continue to buy their flat screens and cell phones and what have you, and slowly but surely they are destroying the economy. Ninety million Americans are not working.



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