We’ve Learned That We Have Leaders

We need to give conservative leaders more conservative to work with.
Check it out:

What we learned in this is that there are people willing to try to lead. There are people willing to take the arrows. We do have pioneers. There are people; I’ll mention the names. Ted Cruz is at the top of the list. Mike Lee. These people were out taking every shot the media had. They were taking every shot the Republican Party had, they were taking every shot that Sarah Palin got — and they were unflappable, and they persevered.

They were doing it on your behalf. There were even some Republicans, even some conservative Republicans going after them. There was a battle between the delay Obamacare group and the defund Obamacare group, and they’re both groups of conservative activists. The delay group, I mean, I would hear from both of ’em because everybody wants me to promote their point of view. I hear from these people.

You wouldn’ta believe it. The delay people were sending me caustic notes, saying, “This Ted Cruz, I can’t believe you’re falling for it. He’s using everybody! This doesn’t have a chance. There’s no way we’re gonna defund Obamacare. This is an objective that can’t possibly happen. It’s a waste of time. He’s just using you to fund-raise.” If I thought that was the case, I wouldn’t have given Ted Cruz two looks. These internecine battles are going on all over the place.

Believe me: The battle for money is huge, sadly, but it is.

Money is the mother’s milk of everything, and it certainly is the mother’s milk of politics. It just is. Now, I noticed that when Ted Cruz sent his various e-mail blasts out to people, he didn’t ask for money. He’d asked for people sign a petition, and when you go there to sign a petition, there was not a place to give money, that I saw. I don’t deny that everybody in politics fundraise and so forth, but I’m just telling you this to illustrate that even within the conservative universe, there’s the Tea Party conservatives.



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