Week 1 vacation tab for furloughed workers: $1.2 billion

The only problem for these families is that they won’t get any paychecks until the government is open. For those living pay check to pay check, this can be concerning. But hopefully they are enjoying their vacations.
Check it out:

The cost of furloughing 800,000 federal employees is getting expensive. If Congress goes through with its plan, as expected, to give back pay to those on unscheduled vacations, it will cost taxpayers over $172 million a day, according to federal personnel figures.

That means the first week off will cost $1,207,184,615.38, based on the average salary of federal workers.

Here’s how it breaks down. The Office of Personnel Management pegs the “average” salary of federal workers at $78,467. That’s about $1,509 a week. There were about 800,000 furloughed workers last week before the Pentagon returned some back to their jobs this week.

The federal figures also show that there are 1,850,311 nonseasonal, full-time federal workers, meaning that a majority of the government has remained on the job. With the Pentagon returning roughly 350,000 employees back to their job, that leaves about 400,000 on furlough.



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