Washington Wants to Break the Tea Party

They will try, but the sad thing is that the government will collapse from the weight of their debt before they break the TEA party.
Check it out:

Democrats constantly have this endless parade of victims of Republican policy. Any time the budget’s cut, proposed to be cut, they bring up all of these people that are gonna lose everything if it happens. The Republicans don’t. We can sit here all day, and we do, and give advice on what the Republicans should do and things that they could do. I don’t think that they haven’t thought of this. I’m sure that some of them have. I can’t explain to you why they don’t. I could only hazard guesses, and the best guess would be that they’re excuse or their reason for not doing it is, nobody will cover it.

And I’m telling you, don’t laugh. That is what a good majority of them believe about any strategy that they might conceive, that it’ll occur in a vacuum, that the media won’t cover it, and nobody will ever see it, and so there’s no point. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve heard that, that excuse. Same thing with presenting alternative ideas. “Well, nobody’s gonna cover it. They’re not gonna give us a fair shake on it,” and so forth. There’s a built-in, beaten-down characteristic that right now defines the Republican Party.

Whatever they do, they don’t think anybody’s ever gonna hear about it honestly. They have an endless parade of victims up there. What they’re afraid of is that the media will mock it, make fun of it, and try to say that the people were paid to say what they said. They’ll delegitimize it somehow. Some of them say, “Why should we just do everything the Democrats do,” and so forth, “we need to come up with different ways. We’ll just have to wait and see how this plays out.”



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