To Understand Obama and the Democrats, You Must Understand Liberal Ideology

Some good points here, but I would argue there is no understanding liberals since they have no logic.
Check it out:

The only way they can be defeated is to understand their ideology. If you do not understand their ideology, meaning their liberalism, meaning their devotion to Alinskism — if you don’t understand that — you’re never gonna be able to beat them. If they’re just a bunch of incompetent Democrats, for example, you’re never gonna beat ’em. Not if that’s what you think they are. Not if they’re just a bunch of well-intentioned, “Oh, God, look what they’re doing!”

You’re never gonna beat ’em if you’re not willing to admit to yourself who they are. You have to understand their ideology. This was my incredulity when I heard Dr. Krauthammer say that he didn’t know who Obama was for five weeks after he was inaugurated. That’s stunning to me, because Krauthammer… Certainly, he used to be a lib. At least he worked with Walter Mondale. He’s gotta know who these people are. Even when he had dinner with him, spent six hours with him? You’ve got to know who he is!

It’s not hard to learn, even if every liberal has become practiced at hiding the ideology. So if you are not going to admit to yourself that X and X Democrat is a liberal because you don’t even see it, then they’ve already won. They’ve already defeated you. By definition, a liberal is a radical leftist extremist today. By definition. They all are. There aren’t any degrees here, and it’s almost now accurate to say that that’s true for every Democrat in Washington.

They’re all left-wing ideologues — and for people like you and me, folks, it’s not hard to understand what this means. What we’re up against is a Democrat Party led by Barack Obama which has a socialist vision for the country. They proceed on the basis or on the belief that America is bad. They proceed on the basis that America’s founding was unjust and immoral, unfair — and, therefore, illegitimate. This is who they are, and if you are unwilling to admit this — and John McCain, for example, would never admit this about them. He’ll never admit this about Harry Reid. He’ll never admit this about Pelosi.

So McCain is worthless in terms of defeating them. That’s why he wants to be the maverick to cross the aisle to work with them. He does not because he either can’t or he doesn’t want to see them for who they are. They do not like the way the country was founded. It’s unfair. It’s unjust. It’s immoral, racist, capitalist. The unfairness is the capitalism. The unfairness is that there are rich people and poor people, and that’s not right.



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