True Believers Won’t Turn on Obama

Liberals don’t live in the realm of reality and have this utopia mindset where they think government is the answer to all of their woes.
Check it out:

RUSH: You think that’s gonna be their reaction? You think they’re gonna give up on Obama that quickly? You think they’re gonna turn and get mad and blame Obama that quickly?

CALLER: Rush, 150, 200 bucks a month increase, or more, you know, $900 increase, that’s a house payment. Hell, yes.

RUSH: I don’t disagree with any of that. Ron, if you don’t mind, you don’t have to answer this, but I would like to know your age.

CALLER: Forty-eight years old.

RUSH: You’re 48? Okay. You have the enthusiasm of somebody 19 or 20 who’s a true believer in figuring this out who doesn’t yet have the experience to know how liberals think and operate, which is they don’t think. They’re not going to turn on the dime that you think and blame Obama. They’re too loyal to the cause, and they hate us. You don’t understand, that would mean giving you to your face, a victory. They are not going to let that happen. They’re not gonna let you be satisfied by seeing them do a 180 and admit that they were wrong and Obama lied and that they’re mad. They’ll try to keep it to themselves and they’ll try to come up with ways to blame the Republicans for this, and the shutdown. I’m just trying to warn you, a little dose of reality.



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