Top Five ObamaCare Catastrophes the Media Refuse to Cover

Obama is still acting like this is the best thing ever. He really doesn’t care about any of the facts of what this is doing to regular Americans.
Check it out:

The media are doing a good job covering the ObamaCare launch problems. But like their coverage of President Obama’s disastrous performance in his first presidential debate with Mitt Romney, there is a partisan motive at work here. The media want ObamaCare to succeed and believe that pounding away at the site problems will motivate the White House to get the site fixed.

While the tech problems are real and worth covering, so are five other ObamaCare catastrophes. But the media won’t cover those because to do so might further undermine the program:

1. Millions are Losing Their Health Insurance

About 14 million Americans (not enrolled in Medicare or Medicaid) purchase their health insurance privately as opposed to through an employer. Because a large percentage of these plans do not cover everything ObamaCare mandates a policy cover — among other things: birth control, mental health, maternity, vision, dental — these plans are being cancelled — no matter how happy people might be with them. We learned today that in just one state just one provider dropped 300,000 customers.



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