Street Preacher Arrest for Preaching in America

Not sure about all the facts here, but this doesn’t look good.
Check it out:

According to Christian News, Christians can be arrested for publicly professing their religion; no get out of jail free card there. And you can bet they won’t get footbaths and prayer rugs.

Christian News’ Heather Clark writes:

The situation is part of an ongoing battle between members of Lighthouse Anabaptist Church and the Springfield Police Department.

“This is coming to a head,” Pastor Aaron Brummitt told Christian News Network on Sunday. “Somebody complains, they write a ticket. They call it a ‘peace disturbance.’”

Brummitt, who was moved by God to reach his country while serving in Afghanistan, has received nine tickets from the Springfield police just this year. However, Brummitt has repeatedly explained to police that the city has affirmed that his activities are permissible under the law.



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