If there is one thing that our government needs it is to slim down. The proper way would be through a balanced budget and getting out of people’s lives.
Check it out:

What the Obama administration is portraying as a “shutdown” of the federal government — complete with signs posted at the entrances to government buildings, parks and monuments — is turning out to be more of a “slimdown,” as all but non-essential workers reported to their jobs Tuesday.

The biggest impact is expected to be felt for the 800,000 or so federal workers facing furlough. But hundreds of thousands of other workers are reporting for work, and a patchwork of services remains open to the public as lawmakers and the White House continue to battle over a spending package.

Mail will still be delivered, Social Security checks will go out and, thanks to a last-minute bill, the military will continue to get paid.

And, as before, lawmakers will continue to bicker on Capitol Hill.

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