Shutdown: Obama Wants to Inflict Pain

Obama certainly has shown himself during this shutdown.
Check it out:

There’s an LA Times piece takes a shot at me today. I guess they knew I was coming. I put it on the top here. Yeah, here it is. It’s by some guy named David Horsey. “Shutdown Has Proved One Thing: Government is Vital to Us All.” It has not proven that. What? “Shutdown Has Proved One Thing: Government is Vital to Us All”? The truth of the matter is, there isn’t a government shutdown. Now we’re being told that the governmental shut down for real on Thursday, all of this leading up to the debt limit has been sort of half-baked, not real.

But when the debt ceiling is reached, that’s when the government will really shut down — and you know what the left is trying now? You know what this has become? You know what? It’s metamorphosed. The left now wants to blow out the sequester! Susan Collins… Folks, you have to love this in and of itself. Susan Collins, Ms. Moderate liberal Republican from Maine, proposed a solution to the shutdown, to the debt crisis, to everything, and it was rejected by Dingy Harry and a couple of others.

She was called a right-wing extremist kook, and she is among the most liberal moderate Republicans in the Senate — and she was astounded! She was floored. She couldn’t believe it. Patty Murray, who ranks fourth in the Democrat leadership in the Senate, went to floor of the Senate and ripped Susan Collins apart! Ripped her to shreds! Collins couldn’t understand it! It was because the Republicans are not going to bend on the sequester. The one thing that will unify the Republicans, it turns out, is the sequester.

The Democrats are now making an end run at the last moment demanding that in any deal that reopens the government, the sequester be done away with. Those were ostensibly real spending cuts. They actually were nothing more than reductions in the rate of growth, but they were real. They were real, and they did not cause massive damage. It did not cause a massive panic. The left was hoping that the sequester would cause the pain that Obama is now trying to cause with the shutdown, but it didn’t on its own.

Now they’re trying to get the sequester taken out of this, and the Republicans are holding firm on it. Because of that, the whole town is panicked now that we might actually not raise the debt limit. The guy in the LA Times, Horsey, said, “Sure, political entertainers like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity have built very lucrative careers by bashing government day in and day out. But, in their pampered lives, they have never had to see crops wither in a drought or farmland swamped by a flood or a herd of cattle perish in a snowstorm.”

I guess he forgets where I’m from. I guess he forgets my family was farmers. My grandfathers were farmers. I know all about droughts and floods. By the way, did you know there was a massive snowstorm earlier this month in South Dakota? It didn’t get talked about. I mean, it was one of the worst snowfalls ever. It had things incapacitated. You didn’t hear about it because of global warming. It just didn’t fit. I’ve got the news story, but it didn’t get covered.



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