Shutdown Grounds Sports at Service Academies: Navy-Air Force Football Game Canceled

This is total ridiculousness. Obama is just trying to make it worse than what it really is.
Check it out:

Due to the federal government shutdown, this weekend’s college football game between Air Force and Navy has been canceled as the Department of Defense temporarily suspends intercollegiate athletics at its service academies.

According to the Air Force Times, “the sold-out contest had been scheduled for Saturday morning in Annapolis, Md., and set for a national TV broadcast on CBS.”

The Army-Boston College game may be impacted as well, but a decision has yet to be announced.

According to USA Today, Navy and Air Force may have room at the end of the season to reschedule their game.

The old joke is that if local taxpayers will not pay more taxes, the first threatened cut is the high school football team. It may work work the same at the national level.



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