Shutdown: Drive-By Media Misinforms Low-Information Voters, Emboldens Democrats

The liberal media wouldn’t know truth if it hit them in the head.
Check it out:

Well, the government shutdown continues, and the media is continuing to have a field day with it all, and, as discussed yesterday, the media is really the problem here, folks. I mean, the Democrats are who they are, and we know that. Obama’s who he is, and we know that. Harry Reid is who he is, and we know that. Pelosi’s who she is, and we know that. And we’ve known this for years.

There’s really not a whole lot to be told anymore about them; everybody knows. Well, maybe, I mean the low-information crowd. The low-information crowd, by the way, is tweeting Washington. I have a story right here in the Stack of Stuff. It’s an AP story, their technology division. “Stop Being So Stupid, Voters Tweet to Congress.” They don’t understand why a compromise is so elusive. “The roiling debate over the US government shutdown is extending to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.”

By the way, wait ’til you hear, we’ve got some audio sound bites coming up, Rick Pitino, well-known college basketball coach. Pitino is at the University of Louisville, and it’s amazing to listen to him describe recruiting trips. He said these are exceptional high school basketball players. He’s trying to recruit them to play college basketball at Louisville, and he goes out to recruit ’em and he can’t get ’em off the computer, the iPhone or whatever. He has to talk to their parents ’cause all they’re doing is social media. That’s all they care about. That’s all they’re doing. And wait ’til you hear it. It’s coming up in the audio sound bites.



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