Senate Plan + House Plan + Obama Plan = NO PLAN

Seems like we’re getting nowhere fast….
Check it out:

House Republicans are moving their own proposal to raise the debt ceiling and fund the government — and plan to vote as early as Tuesday — in response to a new plan emerging from the Senate side.

The decision throws into doubt what the next step will be in the tense budget negotiations. Senate Republican leaders had been planning to brief their members on the Senate talks late Monday morning. But that meeting was postponed, as the House GOP began to go in its own direction.

Congressional Democrats hammered their GOP colleagues Tuesday for crafting a new bill. And White House spokeswoman Amy Brundage called the emerging House plan a “partisan attempt to appease a small group of Tea Party Republicans who forced the government shutdown in the first place.”

House Republicans, though, stressed that the plans were similar and voiced hope that the Senate might accept what they’re working on.



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