Senate Dems Set to Roll GOP

Doesn’t seem like the GOP is getting anything out of this deal.
Check it out:

Word on the Hill is that a Senate deal to end the partial government shutdown and lift the debt ceiling will be reached on Tuesday. Although specific details are murky and subject to change, the broad outlines of the deal indicate a complete victory for Sen. Harry Reid and the Democrat caucus. With the partial government shutdown entering its third week, it looks increasingly likely that the GOP will gain next to nothing from the stand-off.

The deal negotiated between Reid and GOP Leader Mitch McConnell would reopen the government through January 15th. The GOP had sought to lock-in lower levels of spending due to next year’s sequester cuts, but that seems off the table now. The deal would also raise the debt ceiling until early February. It sets up another contentious fight over spending and debt in the critical 2014 election year.

In exchange, the GOP secured the creation of a large bi-cameral, bi-partisan commission or committee to explore budget and spending reforms. It also secured a provision to force the Obama Administration to take steps to verify the income of people seeking ObamaCare subsidies. That requirement is in the existing law, but was waived recently by the Administration.



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