Sebelius Called Out as Liar on Daily Show

So many lies, so little time.
Check it out:

Stewart said to Sebelius, “It’s frustrating to have to defend something that’s less than ideal.” I mean, what is that? He’s admitting, “Come on, you guys. This is tough defending you here. I want your side to work out. I want your stuff to work. You’re making it really tough.” Flunky, whatever. He’s liberal, he voted for ’em. He wants this stuff to all work.

The problem is he’s got an audience and they’re made up of young people, low-information people, and to these people, everything is fairness. They don’t see the fairness. In this sense they’re right. Big Business has been told, “You know what, that employer mandate, you have to provide insurance.” See, Big Business is hated by this crowd, they are despised, and having to provide insurance is considered a just punishment, since Big Business is hated and despised, they’re rich, and how’d they get rich? By exploiting their employees and stealing from their customers, and in some cases killing their customers. This is what they believe.

So here comes this employer mandate requiring them to provide health insurance and health care for their employees. Well, that’s good. They consider that as the infliction of pain and suffering on business, and therefore it’s fair. I’m giving you their mind-set. Big Business exploits, punishes, kills customers, steals money, destroys the environment, all of that, and now Obama just gave ’em a year off and they don’t have to provide insurance, and that’s where most people get it. So it’s quite natural, “Wait a minute, I thought you were gonna screw these guys for us?”

It’s kind of like raising taxes on the rich. “I thought you were gonna screw these rich business people. I thought you were gonna really get even with ’em, and now you’re telling them they don’t have to? But we have to still go out and find a way to get our own insurance?” And Sebelius said, “Yeah,” and that just doesn’t seem fair. Remember, now, to this group of people, fairness, they’ve been taught it, raised with it, they’re governed by it. It’s everything. And this doesn’t seem fair that the reviled, despised, hated CEO doesn’t have to provide his exploited and soon dead employees with their health insurance for a year, but they have to somehow now go out and find it on their own.

Why can’t they get a waiver? And Sebelius said, “Well, they don’t have to. They can pay a fine.” By the way, someone needs to tell her, “You don’t call it a fine now, it’s a tax.” Remember that, the Supreme Court, John Roberts said (paraphrasing), “How could I rewrite this bill to make it constitutional?” Chief justice, “I’ll change that fine and we’ll call it a tax and then say they’ve got the authority to do that.” So you people, you will pay a tax, not a fine, if you don’t follow the law and get your health insurance as mandated.



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