Republicans are Winning the Shutdown Despite the GOP Establishment Attempts to Snatch Defeat from the Jaws of Victory

Obama will have to give in soon.
Check it out:

The fact that Jay Carney is out there saying the president has been open to negotiations all year long and remains so today means that the polling data or the focus grouping, whatever they’re doing, must really be bad for them. We’re just supposed to forget? Just a couple of days ago Obama said he would never negotiate on this. And by the way, Carney led off his press conference by talking about how 7,000 kids are suffering because of the shutdown. The shutdown is hurting Head Start. I thought the sequester, I thought the sequester dealt with Head Start. That’s another thing. The sequester did not cause endless pain and suffering.

The Democrats were crying wolf about the sequester: “Oh, my God, Medicare, Medicaid, defense, oh, no!” Nothing happened. The sky didn’t fall. The world didn’t come to an end, and it hasn’t here with the so-called shutdown. By the way, the shutdown, only 17% of things are shut down. Now, they reinstituted the Amber Alert website. Did you know they shut that down? Did you get your alert over the weekend, your Amber Alert? I got my first one on my phone. I looked and said, “What the hell?” All three phones went off. And I said, “I could have sworn I had two of these things on ‘do not disturb.'” And they were. They were on “do not disturb” and the stupid alert still permeated a “do not disturb.”

It was a license plate number of a car in Miami, an Amber Alert. It turns out that over the weekend the Amber Alert website was shut down because of the government shutdown. When news of that hit, but that Michelle Obama’s exercise website was still up, they reactivated the Amber Alert. The regime here is being really vindictive in the things that they’re shutting down. Eighty-three percent of the government is still operating, 17% is shut down. And now, folks, they’re already starting to talk about payment, repayment for furloughed Washington employees.



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