What Should Republicans Do Next?

They need to stay on target.
Check it out:

The Republicans are not trying to deny anybody health insurance. The Republicans are trying to save the American medical system being from destroyed because it’s taken over by a government and run by people who haven’t the foggiest idea what they’re doing and don’t care. To them, it’s simply the latest measure for total control of the people. But the low-information crowd who read AP or wherever the story gets posted, hear, “Republicans want to eliminate your ability to get health insurance, and they’re willing to shut the government down.”

So that’s not gonna get any Democrat votes. So there might be a shutdown, which is the Democrat Party’s opening move in the 2014 campaign, in this case for the House. That’s their objective. So what could get Democrat votes? The caller’s idea was we’re gonna have to turn the tables on this at some point, and the Democrats are gonna have to be put on the defensive — and there might be a way.

Remember, because of the lay of the land, nothing the Republicans propose that doesn’t peel off some Democrat votes in the Senate has a chance of actually happening. So if we go the shutdown route, then who wins is gonna be determined by who blinks first, and you know how that’s gonna go. The media is just… I mean, they got an endless parade of suffering people because the government shutdown. It’s all gonna be lies and it’s all gonna be exaggerated. It’s all gonna be made up.

But it’s been done before.

We’ve been here and did that. It’s all deja vu.



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