Republicans Demonstrate No Strategy or Desire to Win at Sebelius Hearing

These hearings never seem to accomplish anything and all that seems to be told is we’ll get back to you.
Check it out:

Okay, so let me ask you a quick question. Have you been watching the Sebelius hearings today? Good. Tell me what you think. Off the top of your head, what is your reaction to what you’re watching? Just tell me. Oh, okay. All right. Okay. So Snerdley says it’s a circus. The Democrats don’t even care how their own people are being affected. That’s exactly right. But I’m getting e-mails, “Boy, this Sebelius, oh, is she looking bad. Oh, my God, it’s embarrassing. Oh, jeez, how stupid.”

And my friends, I’m sorry, but I have a different take. I mean, she does look all that, but are there any Republicans there? There are? Really? I haven’t seen any evidence of it. There’s some Republicans at that hearing? Really? They’ve got a purpose? They’ve got a strategy? Is that right? Really? Well, okay, I’m gonna get into this ’cause it dovetails with what we’re talking about. Everybody’s now caught up in whether Obama knows the details of this or not, and I’m just gonna tell you, he doesn’t care. He doesn’t care. Mao Tse-tung didn’t know the details, all of them. Neither did Fidel.

I’m just saying these guys have a different agenda. The details don’t matter. The chaos is what’s crucial here, and with every new day of chaos, they’re closer to what they really want, which is single payer. And if the Republicans don’t understand that, they can nail Sebelius all day long and they’re not gonna accomplish anything. That’s all I’m saying.



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