The Republican Party Refuses to Follow the Recipe of 1994 and 2010

Time to vote in conservatives.
Check it out:

The Republican Party itself has become moderate. I think in a broad-based sense, what’s happened here is that the entire Washington establishment has never liked conservatism. They didn’t like the fact the Republicans won, didn’t like the fact that Reagan won. Both Republicans and Democrats. But the reason we’re where we are is the most amazing thing to me. Because the 2010 midterms were a recipe for victory, and so were the ’94 elections a recipe for victory, and the Republican Party refused to follow the recipe.

Mind-bogglingly so.

Not only did they not follow the recipe, the Republican Party today seems to believe its future is in Democrat light. Mind-bogglingly so. I’m not disagreeing. I don’t think demographics has as much to do with it as ideology. The fact is the Washington establishment never has been conservative, and when the Republican Party has been victorious is when it was unabashedly conservative. But the forces of the establishment are such that they make it painful, uncomfortable, miserable to be a conservative.

Look at what happens to any prominent conservative in that town. Look what’s happening Ted Cruz right now. Look what’s happening to Mike Lee. Any of them that rise up, they get shot down, by their own party included. That’s just the power of the Washington ruling class. Pure and simple. This doesn’t even include the role the media plays, which is rather significant, by the way. (interruption) Mmm-hmm. No. I haven’t seen that. Snerdley just said that Wall Street is ticked off ’cause they’ve got no influence in the Tea Party. I haven’t heard that.

I didn’t think Wall Street wanted any influence in the Tea Party. I thought Wall Street hated the Tea Party like they hated Christine O’Donnell. I didn’t know they wanted any influence in the Tea Party. I’m not denying that exists. I just haven’t seen it. Anyway, Ray, I appreciate the call, I really do. I’m glad you took the time. I don’t mean to be disrespectful when I say I don’t think demographics is the reason. We may be saying the same thing with just different terminology. I just don’t think it’s complicated. The Republican Party, when it abandons conservatism, is a nonfactor.

I have no idea what’s gonna happen in 2014. All I know for sure is that the Democrats and the media are going to launch everything they’ve got. Let me tell you something. Barack Obama hates this crap that’s going on. The fact that there’s opposition, that just frosts him, ruins his day. He has to deal with these little gnats, deal with these creeps. The whole modus operandi of Barack Obama is to get rid of opposition, not beat them, but get rid of them.

They want 2014 so bad ’cause there won’t be any opposition. There won’t be any lame duck. They can do whatever they want to do and nobody can do anything about it, nobody will be able to stop ’em. So they’re gonna be loaded for bear. 2014 for them is their next — that’s why they’ve been delaying all the bad things, as many as they can about Obamacare.



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