Remember When Bush Won and Liberals Said He Should Get Everything He Wants?

Liberals hatred of Bush was beyond ridiculous.
Check it out:

When Bush won, I don’t remember the Democrats or Dick Parsons sitting around saying, “Well, you know, Bush won and gets whatever he wants.” “Well, you know, Bush won. I guess he gets his Supreme Court nominees, whoever he wants.” “You know, Bush won, he gets whatever nominees he wants.” “You know, Bush won. He wants to go to Iraq. We need to support him.” “You know, Bush won. We need to go along with the tax cuts for the rich that Bush has authored because that’s what’s going to be needed to get the economy.” They didn’t go for that. In fact, they started running around whining about the tyranny of the majority.

I’ll never forget, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi every day on the floor of the Senate and the floor of the House, practically crying about the tyranny of the majority. The rights of the minority need to be heard. The rights of the minority need to be respected. The minority needs to have power. They were just crying and moaning about it. But now here comes ol’ Dick Parsons, people who didn’t vote for Obama just don’t want to sit by and let all this anti-American stuff be enacted, why, they’re anti-Democratic. They want to ignore the will of the people. It’s always a one-way street with these people.

By the way, you might be interested in knowing that Dick Parsons currently sits on the board of the commission on presidential debates. So this is one of the guys that’s going to be deciding the format, the guests, the moderators of the 2016 presidential debates. His wife is a community activist. So he himself is a hardcore leftist. I don’t ever remember Dick Parsons sitting around telling his people, “You know, Bush won. We need to support the president. The will of the majority has spoken. We’re in the minority.” All they’ve ever tried to do is undermine.



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