‘Religious’ yoga in class has some bent out of shape

Another reason why you need to pull your kid out of government schools.
Check it out:

Attorneys on Wednesday said they have filed a notice of appeal of a California judge’s decision that even though yoga is a religious activity, it will be allowed in public schools.

Officials with the National Center for Law and Policy said the double standard cannot be allowed to stand.

“A reasonable observing student who is informed about the government practice at issue here, yoga, would clearly understand that [Encinitis Union School District] is promoting religion,” said NCLP President Dean Broyles.

“In fact since the advent of EUSD’s yoga program students have actually made and continue to make religious associations with the practice of yoga such as chanting ‘om’ in yoga class and spontaneously assuming the lotus position off campus while closing their eyes and meditating. I am quite certain this case would have been decided very differently if this were a Christian based P.E. program. This whole debacle is shameful and the EUSD superintendent and board of trustees should be embarrassed that this egregious breach of public trust has occurred on their watch with their approval.”



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