Redskins and Gay Marriage: Media Says ‘*Poof* You’re a Bigot’

Sometimes you just have to stand up for what is right.
Check it out:

You know, things have really changed around here. One night I go to bed, secure in my place in society as a Friend of the Gay Man. The next morning I wake up, and I’m a bigot. One day I’m walking around blissfully indifferent about the name of the football team representing our nation’s capitol. The next day, I’m a bigot. How does the media do this?

For two decades I was a flaming liberal on the issue of gay rights. I vigorously defended the AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power (ACT UP) to my conservative friends, immediately embraced the idea of giving committed same-sex couples all the same rights as married couples through civil unions (this was the mid-nineties), never skipped a beat in my relationships with friends and family who came out, and always admired the rebellious, f**k you attitude of a gay community that thrived economically while not giving a damn if anyone accepted them or not.

Then, literally, overnight, I’m no longer a Friend of the Gay Man. Instead, *poof* I’m a H8-ful Nazi bigot because I don’t want to alter the definition of the two-thousand year-old institution of marriage. This, even though, I don’t want to alter the meaning of marriage for anyone — gay or straight, atheist or Mormon. But that is just one perfectly logical and acceptable reason to oppose same-sex marriage.



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