People will be able to look at their own increasing premiums and deductibles and see the truth.
Check it out:

The left-wing PolitiFact said they were going to start attacking pundits, and that attack has begun, mainly to protect ObamaCare. Sean Hannity has been handed a “mostly false” for citing a Manhattan Institute study PolitiFact didn’t like, and financial reporter Maria Bartiromo earned a “false” for relying on news reports and her own reporting to claim that under ObamaCare “we are becoming something of a part-time country.”


But in its zeal to spin this job-killing, middle-class socking, deficit-increasing boondoggle as a good thing, PolitiFact chose to downright lie about why health insurance premiums are increasing.

“[N]ew rules for insurance plans will tend to push some rates up — because the plans must provide better coverage.”

That is objectively and provably false.

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