No Photo ID, No Softball

Uh oh…. Wait til Eric Holder gets ahold of this one.
Check it out:

CALLER: Yeah. My softball team is starting our championship series tonight and I’ve received multiple texts from our captain that if we don’t bring a photo ID and it doesn’t match with the roster of the players all season, we will not be allowed to play. And, you know, it fascinates me —

RUSH: Now, wait a minute. Hold it just a second. Whose rule is this?

CALLER: Well, this is the league’s rule, but the league, it plays on a village field at a village rec center, because what happens is, and there was a big problem that players would —

RUSH: Does your team have a bunch of illegals on it as ringers?

CALLER: (laughing) No. Well, that’s what happens. People would wait until the championship. They’d have their regular guys all season, then when the championship rolled around they’d bring down all the ringers, and, you know, it would just get thrown outta whack. It would be illegitimate. It made a mockery of the league, so they imposed this rule that you have to have a photo ID and it has to match with the roster. It’s amazing that Holder and Obama are actually going after states for imposing the same policy when people vote, because the same exact thing is happening. There’s people on the rolls, and then other people show up to vote, and to vote in a way that the Democrats want, and it’s outrageous.

RUSH: I know, this is amazing. You’ve gotta have a freaking photo ID to be compared with a roster of your softball team. This is a hobby, right? You people are not in a professional league, are you?

CALLER: No, no. We all play for the bars in the area and then we go and celebrate after the game.

RUSH: Exactly. You celebrate during the game. You got a six-pack on the bench, a keg or what have you.

CALLER: No, we’re not technically allowed to do that, and we don’t ’cause we want to win. You know, sober people usually play better.

RUSH: Yeah, right.

CALLER: (laughing) But, yeah, this is such a winning issue, this is such a winning issue for conservatives, and it’s so frustrating that more candidates don’t pound away at it.

RUSH: Eric Holder is starting to sue states that are passing voter ID laws. The federal government, the Justice Department is starting to file lawsuits against those states for the usual reasons: racism, discrimination, Voting Rights Act violations or some such thing. Well, good luck. Does your team have a legitimate chance here at winning the championship?

CALLER: They all managed to come up with a photo ID if they want to play, you know, and there’s people from all walks of life in our league.



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