Palin: Republicans Who Capitulated Support Obamacare

Supporting ObamaCare is unacceptable.
Check it out:

On Monday, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin went on Fox News and discussed her exclusive Breitbart News op-ed in which she described Senators like Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Mike Lee (R-UT) as flushing dogs for the conservative grassroots.

On the debut of Gretchen Carlson’s Real Story on Fox News, Palin discussed her exclusive op-ed in Breitbart News in which she described the proper way to negotiate with adversaries from her experiences as Alaska’s governor:

Use as an example the negotiations a governor of energy-rich Alaska must engage in with powerful multinational oil tycoons. In my experience, I found that the key to achieving success for the people you’re elected to serve is to take a firm position, stand solid, and negotiate from there when the other guy is ready to take you seriously. You fight as hard as you can with whatever small edge you’ve got until the other guy respects you enough to wise up, sit down, and come to a mutually acceptable agreement. You get nothing at all if you preemptively surrender before the battle even commences.



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