Palin, Lee, Cruz Rally Veterans at WWII Memorial

People are starting to see how foolish Obama is being with this shutdown.
Check it out:

After promising she would attend the “Million Vet March,” former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin went to the World War II Memorial in Washington, D.C. on Sunday—along with Sens. Mike Lee (R-UT) and Ted Cruz (R-TX)—to support thousands of veterans demanding that President Barack Obama re-open the memorials that have been barricaded due to the government shutdown.

At the World War II Memorial, Palin said that Obama is showing a “shameful lack of respect” and a “lack of valor” by barricading the memorials to veterans from across the country that marched in Washington to demand that Congress pass a law making it illegal for the federal government to close the memorials in future government shutdowns. They reportedly chanted, “tear down these walls.”

“We were proud to stand with thousands of America’s vets and other patriotic Americans today in Washington, D.C. This morning, Todd and I met with Senators Ted Cruz and Mike Lee, and they joined us and other Americans at the World War II Memorial and then at the Lincoln Memorial, where we were met by a SWAT team in full riot gear!” Palin wrote in a Facebook post. “Watching those who have fought to protect freedom prevented by barricades from visiting these memorials to freedom was truly heart wrenching.”



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