Obama’s American Schadenfreude

Obama does like his Schadenfreude.
Check it out:

Schadenfreude as defined by Webster’s is deriving pleasure from the pain of others. And while the term is German the application is very much politically American. What else could it be called when the President of the United States seeks to punish the American people for not going along with his dictates?

So for instance, that long forgotten budget battle from earlier this year where President Obama proposed sequestration- you know the one where the world was suppose to stop because we were going to cut minuscule amount from the federal budget? Well the world didn’t end but the White House has remained closed to visitors as a punishment for not having enough money to pay the tour guides. Sure it would be easy at this point to mock and make fun of the White House for golf outings or Michelle’s entourage ladened vacations.

But closing the White House is nothing more than a bratty child temper tantrum. Don’t forget that one of the things Barack and boys wanted to do was cut deeply the FAA, the FBI and other critical Federal agencies. The goal was not to look for the fraud, abuse and waste in the Federal government- the goal was to tell the American people your planes would not be safe and criminals and terrorist would now be more free because we are going to strip funding from chasing these nefarious ne’er-do-wells.



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