Obama’s 37% Approval Means Something!

Polls can be made to say anything. Facts matter more. Plus most of those polled are uninformed.
Check it out:

So last night I’m watching Fox and the subject of Obama’s approval rating came up, the fact that it had plunged to 37%. I said, “Okay, I’m gonna listen to this,” ’cause I had made mention of it yesterday. It’s not being mentioned anywhere and it means something! He’s at 37%! It means something. There’s a reason for it. And it’s an AP poll. The same poll that Wolf Blitzer couldn’t get enough of when Bush was at 36% in 2006.

So I’m watching them discuss it. Not gonna mention any names. It’s not the point. Not picking fights with anybody. I’m just telling you. So whoever was talking about this, the guest, member of the commentariat, “Well, it’s probably not that low, really. It’s probably an outlier poll, but it is low. I mean, it is down a little.” But then, this person said, “But this is not to say that the Republicans are not botching what they’re doing.” I sat up and I said, “What?” Kathryn was sitting next to me. I actually shouted the F-word at the TV. I said, “Shut… up.” And I don’t do that anymore, folks. I did that 25 years ago.

I said, “You’re doing a story or you’re doing a mention on Obama’s approval plunging to 37.” “Well, it’s probably not that low, it’s a little bit,” and then you gotta rip the Republicans, you gotta rip Cruz, you gotta rip Lee. You gotta throw in, “It’s not that the Republicans are doing anything right here.” You just had to get the establishment version of the Tea Party is dangerously off the rails here. I don’t know. It just made me mad. I don’t know what else I’m trying to say. In simple terms, it just made me mad. They don’t understand. Even the people inside the Beltway, ostensibly on our side, don’t understand what’s going on in the country.

There are clear majorities of people that don’t want anything to do with Obamacare. They don’t like what’s happening at HealthCare.gov. They don’t like what they’re learning. They don’t like what they’re seeing about it. They don’t like the experience. It doesn’t work. It’s an invasion of privacy. Hardly anybody in great numbers are signing up for it. It’s an absolute debacle and the people in the country are hungering for somebody to represent them and do something about it, rather than say, “Well, it’s the law of the land.” This is real life that we’re talking about here with real hard results on people. If this thing gets fully implemented out there and people then start to be destroyed by this, they’re not going to just blame Obama.



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