Obamacare Exchange Website Asks Applicants to Register to Vote

What on earth does one have to do with the other? If you don’t care enough about voting to stop down at the court house and register you don’t deserve to vote.
Check it out:

The Obamacare exchange website is complicated to use and has seen more than a few glitches since it officially opened on October 1st, but the MacIver Institute has found that once you get through the application process, the website asks individuals to register to vote.

The MacIver Institute was trying to use HealthCare.gov to compare rates on the Wisconsin exchange on Thursday and Friday. This requires an individual to fill out an application before the rates can be seen. Unfortunately, the website crashed before premium rates could be compared.

However, prior to the website crashing, which was not the first time during the application process, it was discovered that the Obamacare website actually tries to register individuals to vote.

The link is optional, but the question remains, what does registering to vote have to do with signing up for Obamacare?



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