ObamaCare Coverage Cost Hikes: ‘My Premium Is Now Higher Than My Mortgage’

This will cause a huge economic collapse next year.
Check it out:

Republicans are slamming the healthcare reform law after some consumers reported significant cost hikes in coverage offered by their insurance company.

Senate Finance Committee Republicans released a compilation of posts to the healthcare.gov Facebook account in which users argued that the law was markedly increasing the cost of their individual coverage.

“My family premium of $789/mo for a healthy family of five just went up to $1700/mo, for a plan that we were completely happy with. … My premium is now higher than my mortgage,” wrote Bob Kapolnek of Champaign, Ill.

“I am all for affordable healthcare. I don’t think going from a premium of $289 to $855 is affordable,” wrote another user, Gail Williamson Schaal.



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