Obama Wins Reprieve for Status Quo

Obama and his liberal buddies are certainly running America into the ground.
Check it out:

On Thursday, the federal government reopened, ending the partial government shutdown. The Treasury has new borrowing authority to continue its deficit spending. The House and the Senate reached agreement to convene a conference committee to discuss longer-term budget issues. The media will herald this as a win for Obama, but it is more like a reprieve. The deal agreed to late Wednesday simply preserves the budget status quo for a handful of months.

The debt ceiling, for the first time, was raised for a period of time, rather than a specific dollar amount. The current sequester cuts were preserved in the government funding bill. The Obama Administration will have to take additional steps to verify income eligibility for people claiming ObamaCare subsidies, a provision which was already law.

The Republicans failed to win any changes to ObamaCare, but political math always made that a gamble. They blocked, however, any new spending or tax increases. If ObamaCare had not been the main focus of negotiations, Democrats would certainly have pushed for more spending in the funding bill.



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