Obama Weighs In Against the Redskins

This is getting silly. Seems that this won’t go away.
Check it out:

That’s the whole point of the left, just upset every applecart they can. But this Redskins thing, this is clearly, and it always has been a media thing. The Redskins fans are not upset. The Redskin donor class, season ticket holders, they’re not upset. The Redskins players are not upset. RG3 doesn’t care. There’s nobody upset. Other NFL teams are not upset. Now, the NFL meetings, the next scheduled meetings are tomorrow in Washington and there is nothing on the agenda to deal with the name of the Redskins.

However, the media says that some owners who are getting nervous about the negative PR are going to take Dan Snyder aside and start working him over on the idea that at some point they’re going to have to deal with this because this is a situation that is untenable. But Snyder is making it as clear as he can make it that he’s not changing the name. He went out and hired cheap big paleface Lanny Davis of Clinton fame to be the front man on this in terms of PR. Lanny Davis. Number one Clinton defender during Lewinsky. And Lanny Davis is out there with all kinds of polling data from everywhere that shows there isn’t anywhere near a majority.

There’s not even a small minority upset about this. And to find a small minority, you have to spend a whole lot of time agitating people. It’s not something they’re walking around thinking about. It just isn’t. With everything going on in the country, the name of a Washington football team is not something that’s on the front of everybody’s mind. And most people are not offended. Even the commissioner, Roger Goodell, “Well, if even one person’s offended, we must listen.”

I thought there was no politics in football. I thought the media was supposed to keep politics out of football. But that is really all this is. Media driven, media led, media trying to demonstrate the power they think they’ve got, the influence they think they have, pressure that they think they can bring to bear on something. This is an exercise in flexing muscles as much as it is anything else.



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