Obama still blocking heroes from memorials

Obama is trying his best to make this look painful.
Check it out:

A government shutdown nearly prevented World War II veterans from visiting the Washington memorial built in their honor, but Rep. Steven Palazzo, R-Miss., and several of his colleagues removed the barricades. Their actions allowed the veterans to experience the memorial and instantly made the site a focal point of the shutdown debate.

Palazzo became a leading figure in this debate because an Honor Flight from his home state happened to be planning a visit to the World War II Memorial the morning of Oct. 1. Palazzo told WND he and the rest of the Mississippi delegation routinely meet Honor Flight passengers from their state when they come to Washington. He said it was clear ahead of Tuesday’s scheduled visit that there could be a problem if a government funding compromise could not be reached.

“The concern was will the memorial be open, and we couldn’t answer that,” he said. “So we reached out to the Park Service and Interior. They said, ‘If there’s a shutdown, they will be barricaded and there will be no admittance. So, of course, the government went into a shutdown. We contacted the Park Service again and said, ‘Can you not make an exception for members of the Greatest Generation, our World War II heroes?’ They said, government is shut down, barricades will be up, no admittance.”



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